Vacuum evaporators with mechanical vapour recompression

  • Suitable for high volumes of inlet solution
  • Low operational costs
  • No cooling/heating medium
  • Continuous operation

Vacuum evaporators AQUADEST-D utilize Roots blowers as a heating element and source of vacuum. It ensures very high efficiency and low energy consumption per one liter of produced distillate

Vaczzn evaporators AQUADEST-D are able to transform high volume of inlet solution to high volumes of high quality distillate.

Through series of energy saving heat exchangers and other solutions we ensure maximal recuperation of produced heat which leads to cutting operational costs.

The pressure in the boiling chamber is 70 kPa. The boiling point of water is at 90 °C. Energy consumption per one liter of distillate starts at 0,05 kWh.

Solution for:

  • Recyclation of rinse water from surface treatment and pretreatment
  • Waste water trom tumbling
  • Waste water from die casting
  • Machining and other emulsions
  • Eluates from ion exchanger regenerations

Material options for AQUADEST-D:

  • Stainless steel 316 L/Ti
  • Super-duplex SAF 2507
  • Nickel alloy 2.4819

Material is always designed with the respect to inlet solution.

Technology process

Inlet solution is fed into the boiling chamber through a series of heat exchangers. The first heat exchanger extracts residual heat out of released concentrate. The second heat exchanger extracts residuel heat out of released distillate.

Already heated inlet solution enters the boiling chamber where it mixes with the solution in boiling chamber. From there the solution is circulated by the circulation pump through heat exchanger of heat pump, where it heats up, then it is brought back to boiling chamber. Upon arival to boiling chamber flash evaporation occurs. Due to high temperature of solution and high pressure drop part of the solution evaporates instantly. Unevaporated part of solution stays in boiling chamber and undergoes another circulation in concentrate circuit.

Evaporated part of solution rises to the top of boiling chamber. From there the vapour is sucked out by a mechanical blower. The blower produces vacuum in the boiling chamber. It also compresses the vapours and heats them even more. Overheated vapour condeses in heat exchanger of circulation ciruit and releases heat to the circulated solution. Condensed vapour is called distillate. The distillate is held in the retention tank and then released out of the evaporator.

Evaporators AQUADEST-D are characterized by continuous operation. This means that the solution in the boiling chamber is kept at maximal desired concentration. Concentrate is continuously poured out of the evaporator. Fresh inlet solution is continuously poured into the boiling chamber.

Product portfolio

  Distillate production [l/day] Operational performance [kW]
AQUADEST - D 6 000 6 000 12,5
AQUADEST - D 10 000 10 000 21
AQUADEST - D 15 000 15 000 31
AQUADEST - D 22 000 22 000 45
AQUADEST - D 30 000 30 000 63
AQUADEST - D 45 000 45 000 93
AQUADEST - D 60 000 60 000 125