AQUADEST - Vacuum evaporators

Life cycle of every AQUADEST vacuum evaporator begins with laboratory verification of technology on customer's samples.

There are used mainly our custom self made components in production of each evaporator. That is why we can ensure highest quality of production process and deliver on time.

We have developed our own control system for vacuum evaporators. Control system enables 24/7 operation without the need for human interventions. All important operational data are displayed on control touch panel and can be sent through web interface. We can control and diagnose the evaporator with remote acces. Control system enables archivation of operational data. Every control system is tailored to individual needs of the customer.

Our goal is to deliver reliable device, which produces distillate and concetrate at highest possible quality with lowest requirements for energy consumption and human labor. Vacuum evaporators AQUADEST are therefore easy to maintain, running automaticaly and provide a whole range of solutions for energy savings and recuperation.